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How to pick a swimsuit with my figure flaws?

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How to pick a swimsuit with my figure flaws?

How to pick a swimsuit? What's the best swimsuit for women with a short torso?

  • You need to emphasize your legs. Try a suit that is cut high on the thigh. This will make your leg look much longer. Even if you have bigger hips this cut will accentuate your smaller waist.
  • Try wearing a solid bottom bikini with a printed top. This will keep the focus upward and give you a longer lean look
  • If your body is too short in proportion to your legs, you will want a swimsuit that gives the impression of litheness. Try a bikini with a halter-top to emphasize the bust and shoulders. Pair this top with bikini bottoms that sit low on the hips.
  • Don't be afraid of a low cut suit. If you wear a one-piece try a solid color with a lower neckline which will create longer leaner appearance.
  • Don't wear bikini shorts or any kind of a skirted bikinis as they draw the focus downward and can make you look shorter.

    How to pick a swimsuit? What is the best swimsuit for women with a long torso?
  • Try a one-piece swimsuit or bikini with high-cut legs to give the impression of long legs. High-cut legs shorten the torso and lengthen the legs.
  • You might try a one-piece swimsuit with a cut-out which will break up your long torso, just like a bikini does
  • Bikini shorts are ok for you because your length usually minimizes the hips but avoid darker colors and vertical strips as they tend to elongate a person's figure. Ruffles and fringe are your friends because you tend to have narrow hips which gives you the ability to accentuate your body shape.

    How to pick a swimsuit? What is the best swimsuit for a pear shape?
  • Try pairing an eye-catching bikini or tankini top with subdued bottoms in a dark color. This type of swimsuit will draw attention toward your more appealing characteristics.
  • You can go for a pick a smooth, skimming skirt that is short and sweet, but covers what it needs to. Choose a suit that draws attention to your top half, ruffles, beads and bright prints on top are ok. Strong horizontal necklines are encouraged.
  • Avoid boy shorts, too skimpy bottoms, or lots of ruffles and details at the hips. Think dark colors and simple.

    How to pick a swimsuit? What kind of swimsuit should you wear in you have a large bust ?
  • Try a suit with a straight across cut at the top of your swimsuit with wide set straps to minimize your bust. You can also go for a bikini top with a hidden underwire for extra support.
  • Halter-top bikinis can be a good choice by offering support, while providing some sexy cleavage too. Look for styles that are banded around the midriff and can be tied in back and around the neck. This style will give you some lift and will allow you to make adjustments for a personal fit.
  • If you want a one piece go with something with some structure in the bust, such as soft foam cups or at least, a shelf bra. Straight cut bust styles such as a classic tank can look clean and sporty.
  • Avoid Spagetti straps and strapless bandeau tops. Look for a suit where you can order the top and bottom sizes separately.

    How to pick a swimsuit? What kind of suit should you wear if you have a small bust line?
  • Try a bikini top with triangle-shaped cups and a tie-front. These features will add shape and the appearance of size to your small bust.
  • Try swimsuit tops with a touch of padding, or an under wire. Look for a top with adjustable straps at shoulders and around back so that you can tighten and adjust things, to help fill out the suit.
  • You own the ruffled top market. Ruffle tops are so much fun!
  • Avoid tops with too much fabric or have a poor fit. Opt for separates, where you can choose your top and bottom separately.

    How to pick a swimsuit? What kind of swimsuit should plus-size women wear?
  • Look for swimsuits in darker colors in a plus size, as these colors will have an overall minimizing effect. Some deep reds and blues will have the same effect as black and are a bit more appropriate for summer fun. To accentuate curves, look for a fitted swimsuit with a defined waist and a high percentage of Lycra/spandex. A high-cut leg will also slim your legs and hips.
  • Don't be afraid to show some skin.
  • Look for one-piece swimsuits with lace or mesh inserts. A strategically placed cut-out, or a deep V neckline, can really change your visual image.
  • Try swirling patterns or V patterns. Try a swimsuit with dark, solid panels down each side of the torso and a floral printed middle.
  • Don't cover -up. Avoid too much fabric. Modesty is certainly OK, but too much coverage is not necessarily a better option. Also, stay away from white, as well as bright, neon fabrics and those nappy textiles.

    How to pick a swimsuit? What kind of swimsuit should one with no waist wear?
  • Create some curves by wearing one-piece suit with a high-on-the-thigh cut. A belted waistline on a one-piece suit will give the appearance of a whittled middle. So will a draped, surplice detail that pinches in at the waist, or a curvy seam line that runs down each side of the torso.
  • Bikinis are good for you. Add some illusion at the hips with rings, ruffles and bows. If you're small on top, go for a strapless bandeau. Go for a dark, solid bottom and a wildly printed or embellished top.
  • Avoid solid-colored or horizontal striped one-pieces.

     What kind of swim suit should I wear if I have wide shoulders
  • Try to balance your look out. Play up the bottom of your torso and minimize the top.
  • Try wearing bikini bottoms that have lots of color and print and also sport accents at the hips such as ties, belts and sashes. Wide shoulder straps and square necklines can make you look fabulous
  • Avoid a plunging neck lines or tiny bikini bottoms.

    How to pick a swimsuit? What kind of suit should I wear if I have a big tummy?
  • Get a swimsuit with a tummy control panel built in. Tankinis are another option in that they cover just a little bit but you still expose your hip line.
  • A one-piece with some draping around the waist or hips or a ring hole pattern can also help to conceal.
  • Avoid solid colored suits.

    How to pick a swimsuit? What kind of swimsuit should a pregnant women wear?
  • Early in your pregnancy you may choose to go with a one-piece but later as stretch marks tend to show go with a one-piece or a tankinis. Pick one that you can let out and adjust as your tummy and hips expand. You will probably want some support in the bust as well.

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