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Consumer guide: handbags

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Consumer guide: handbags

Find out about the many handbag styles, which ones best fit certain body types, and how designer labels play a part in selecting your favorite handbag.
  • Women love handbags just as much as they love diamonds. With new styles entering the marketplace every season, how can one decide? Are you a label lover - Chanel, Gucci, Prada or are you a classic - Tod's or YSL? Or is plain Jane luxurious leather more your style? Find out about the many handbag styles, which one would best fit your body type and how status plays the part of selecting your favorite handbag.
  • Every season designers come out with an array of different classic styles from hobo's to totes, to shoulder bags to clutches. As far as status is concerned, you don't need to wear a complete logo handbag to look like your bag cost lots of money. Great leather, good topstitching and quality workmanship play a big role in quality handbags, designer brand or not. But which one works for you, your lifestyle and your body?

    Totes: A tote bag is usually in the shape of a square and is roomy enough for any women to carry everything she needs for the day. It's great for a casual day to get you from work to the gym. Tote bags can come in different sizes. Note: If you are small and petite, go for a smaller sized tote that will look proportionate to your body size.
    Hobo Bags: Hobo's are oversized bags where you can practically carry everything but the kitchen sink. The look is large and slouchy and can look incredibly fashionable and can go with every occasion (except of course the cocktail event). Note: Size does matter. It can look a little odd on an extremely petite body frame, since it is so oversized. Look for a slightly smaller size if you're tiny.
    Classic Handbags: This bag is your basic everyday handbag. The classic shape, smaller size, the long or short shoulder strap in the everyday color ? black, beige or brown is perfect for anyone. It could be a designer logo bag or a basic leather bag, either way you have a win/win situation. Note: Any body type would look great with this type of handbag.
    Clutches: Who doesn't love a classic clutch? Women love to get dressed up and this strapless type of handbag really does the trick. Whether you're looking for a vintage clutch from the 50's or a new designer clutch, looking for one with details is key. Note: If you're curvaceous a tiny clutch may not be for you - go for a medium sized one. If you're tiny a larger clutch may not off set your proportions, a smaller clutch would look great on you.
    Dressy Backpacks: These are great to give your weekend look a dressier vibe. And, if you choose a sleek backpack such as a Louis Vuitton, you take the chic look to a whole new level. The best part is your hands are free, so shopping is not a problem. Note: Backpacks look great on any body type.
    Messenger Bags: Messenger bags are great to take to the office for men or women. They are sleek, chic and swing right over the shoulder. These bags are large enough to carry all of your needs for the day and take you right into evening. Note: These look great on any body type as well.

    Now that you know about all of the fabulous styles of handbags, get shopping.
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