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Material and Finish Guide for Jewelry Boxes

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Material and Finish Guide for Jewelry Boxes

Finding the Right Material for Your Jewelry Box Inside Out
When looking for a jewelry box, an important aspect to take into consideration is the materials that are used to create them, and the variety that you can chose from. Whether it is interior lining or exterior wood finish, these important features define each and every jewelry box. This section is to help you get an idea for the different fabric, finishes, colors, designs, and styles that there are to chose from, and get an idea of which is best for you.

Choosing an Interior Lining
Suede - Plush and soft, suede lining is an excellent was to comfort those important items that you plan on putting in the box. This material is perfect for those who truly treasure their jewelry. Suede is also a very prestigious material that is not only going to keep your jewelry safe and prevent them from being scratched, but it will also offer you a wonderful addition to your home decor.
Fabric - With a multitude of colors and designs, fabric interiors allow you to basically customize the interior of your jewelry box. This type of interior allows you to have even further selection, since you can choose, from here, what color or design you would like, what the fabric would be made out of, and what the fabric would feel like.
Faux Leather - This material is just like real leather without the extremely high cost. Faux leather is designed not only to look like real leather, but also to feel just like leather. It is also designed to last long and protects whatever you decide to put into your jewelry box.
Faux Suede - Just as long lasting and elegant as suede without its high cost, this is a great alternative for the person who wants the look and feel of suede without the dented wallet. Faux suede is a fabric that is made to closely resemble actual suede to the point where the two are almost identical.

Exterior Materials
Suede - Just as elegant and tasteful as interior suede, exterior suede is a great way to dress up the outside of your jewelry box. Available in a multitude of colors and styles, wrapping your jewelry box in suede is the perfect way to make sure that the box will look as good as the jewelry you put in it!
Faux Leather - This is the same material that can be used in the interior of the box, except on the outside it is sure to dress up the box to match, and enhance your home d

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