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Scarves - The Perfect Fashion Accessory

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Scarves - The Perfect Fashion Accessory

ScarvesScarves are almost the perfect fashion accessory!
Anyone who puts an emphasis on fashion wants their own style to be unique. The cutest outfit will be a disaster if you end up looking like everyone else. To make each and every look truly your own, adorn yourself with a scarf. Scarfs, whether they're made of silk, cashmere, wool, fleece, pashmina or viscose are one of the most versatile fashion accessories out there!

They come in every imaginable shape, size, and material. No matter if you are going for a polished corporate look or a casual boho feel, you can find a one that is just the right addition. Following are some tips to finding the perfect scarf.

Material Scarves come in all sorts of materials. The season in which you plan to wear the it may give you an idea of what to look for. Thick plush scarves in materials like flannel and velvet will not only look great but will offer you extra warmth on cold winter days. Materials like wool and cashmere will add a luxurious touch when the temperatures dip. If you are adorning a summer look, pick lighter fabrics. Satin and polyester blends are thin and cool and will add detail without adding to the heat factor. Some materials are sufficient no matter the season. For year long wear, try materials like silk, knit, and linen.

Size Scarves are available in sizes small enough to tuck in a jacket pocket or large enough to wrap as a dress. Think about your outfit to decide which size will work best. If you want to just add a splash of color to a conservative suit, consider tiny silk scarves that will just peak out. For a more dramatic effect, purchase a large one that will be the most important part of the outfit. You can also buy scarves that are intended to be outwear like a shawl or wrap. Another great way to use a scarf is as a head wrap or headband to bring a boring look truly to life. They are also a great way to customize a purse, bag, or briefcase. Simply tie it to the handle for a look that is totally you.

Color and Pattern Color and pattern are very important when picking your scarf. You can purchase a one in a very neutral solid such as black or khaki if you want to be able to wear it with many different outfits. Solid basic colors will also make sure the overall look is classic. If you want to really express yourself, buy a scarf with bold colors and patterns. Using too much color or pattern in your main pieces can end up looking gaudy, but adding the color or pattern as a removable accessory item will allow you to express your artistic side without looking ridiculous. Some patterns also have actual meaning to them, so you can use these scarves not only to look fantastic, but to express some of your inner beliefs. Some patterns are also specific to a certain region of the world or ethnicity, so you can proudly display your national heritage. There are scarves for every occasion, every season, and every style. If you want to add personal flavor to your wardrobe, there is no better way than by adding this perfect accessory.

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