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A guide to PC buying

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A guide to PC buying

A guide to PC buyingA guide PC buying: there are many points to consider before you choose your new PC.
When you start to think about buying a new family computer the best advice to give it to sit down and think about what it is you want. Don't go rushing out to the shops with your credit card ready to buy the first thing you see.

There are many points to consider before you choose your new PC:
1. How much are you willing to spend?
2. Are you willing to spend a little more for what you want or is your budget strict?
3. What do you need the computer for?
4. What packages/specifications do you need? (accompanies answer 3)
5. What size screen do you want/need?
6. Will the PC be used for work?
7. Do you need a new printer also?
8. Find out the best places to get good advice - ask friends and see who they recommend.
9. Make sure that the rep in the shop or showroom knows what they are talking about. Subtly test him/her on questions you know the answers to or make mistakes and see if they correct you. If you are unsure, ask to speak to a trained sales rep.
10. Go thorough slowly exactly what is included in the deal you are considering. Many customers believe that have found a bargain only to find that the monitor wasn't included.
11. Take full details of any helpline numbers or contact addresses incase anything goes wrong with your PC.
12. Shop around. Compare prices with rival shops and try to price match with them (if you see a lower price for the same machine ask if the more expensive shop will price match).
13. If there is a friend also looking for a new PC take him along to the shops. If you both find PC's in the same shop ask for a discount - there's no harm in asking and you could be a few hundred pounds better off.
14. Make sure the company is reputable. If it is a new shop ask around to see if anyone has had any problems with them.
15. If you are buying other items in the shop (i.e. printer, paper, software, cartridges, scanner etc) ask for some sort of discount. If they don't oblige go somewhere else.

What will you use it for?
  • Think about this and list your answers - this is crucial to know before you buy the right computer. If you want to play good graphic games you will need a good, fast computer with lots of hard disk and a fast processor. If you intend to use the PC for work you again need a good reliable PC.
  • When buying the machine do ask the salesman what packages come with it. Many throw in children's games and learning tools.
  • If you intend to use the PC for work and will be using it for long periods it is a good idea getting the biggest size screen you can afford. 17/19 inch is fine. Using a smaller screen will inevitable bring constant eyestrain and perhaps headaches for the user: it is worth paying a few pounds/dollars more.

    Haggling with the sales reps
    All salespeople make commission on what they sell. They want your sale. Make sure that you get a good deal. If things aren't going as you planned or the rep won't haggle with you start to walk away. Seeing a potential commission walk out the door will soon have the salesman changing his mind. When discussing the free packages that come with it make sure you get a good deal with the rep. If you have one or two of the free software packages, barter a lower price or try and get different packages instead of the ones you already have.

    Saving money
    Most companies charge for delivery or set up of your machine. You don't have to pay this. It often works out cheaper if you can hire a bigger car or van and go and collect it yourself (find out where the depot is before you commit yourself to doing this). Unless you are a complete beginner at computers and haven't a clue ask a friend to help you set up the machine. You'll learn more by doing it yourself and your friend won't charge you!
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