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Aromatherapy Candles

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Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy Candles They're so simple, yet so effective. Aromatherapy candles do more than fragrance the rooms in your home. They emit scents that have the power to enhance your mood, lift your spirits and heal your tensions. Whereas aromatherapy bath salts have to be utilized in the tub, and essential oils require burners or diffusers, aromatherapy candles are their own neat little package. All you need is a match or a lighter and other than that, they're totally self-contained.

Self contained fragrant wonders
Burning aromatherapy candles brings warmth to a room. The fragrance and the soft glow of the flame provide beautiful ambience, and when complemented with fresh flowers, can transform a dull space into one that inspires health and harmony. When shopping for aromatherapy candles, be sure not to confuse them with scented ones, which merely contain a fragrance, and not natural essential oils. It is these pure oils that offer the therapeutic benefits, and likely mean a more expensive purchase. You can, however, intensify a scented candle by adding a couple of drops of essential oil near its wick before lighting. Small bottles of these oils can be bought online or from speciality stores. Aromatherapy candles make a lovely wedding gift. The newly married couple might like to use them on the wedding night to create an even more romantic atmosphere. Imagine the handsome groom and his blissful bride looking into each other's eyes, savouring a perfume that will linger for years to come as a reminder of their big day. If looking for a birthday gift for a friend or relative, something not as expensive as jewelry but just as thoughtful, aromatherapy candles might be just the idea. Several kinds exist on the market. Instead of regular paraffin wax, they can also be made from soy, palm or beeswax, and moulded into interesting shapes. Votive candles are available in glass, tea lights float in water and pillars make a more bold statement. You can even obtain gel candles, which, although popular for their transparent properties, tend to be a little less stable when it comes to the longevity of the aroma provided by the oils. Keep in mind that care must be exercised when using aromatherapy candles for the purpose of inducing sleep, for obvious reasons. Be sure to use a fireproof surface underneath to protect the furniture upon which it stands, just in case. The power of fragrance to affect our state of mind is as significant as that of music to make us move our body. Experiment with different scents to determine which work for you in the way that you desire. In the same way that Mozart might help you drift off to a peaceful slumber, and the Rolling Stones might pump you up for an energetic day, you can customize the way you apply aromatherapy to your life by trying diverse categories of aromas. At the very least, it's a truly interesting process, but it has the potential to make a genuine difference to the way you begin and end each day.

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