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Lip Plumping: 5 Secrets to Bigger, Poutier Lips

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Lip Plumping: 5 Secrets to Bigger, Poutier Lips

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  • Full lips never seem to go out of style. Even in the eighties, when full lips were not necessarily all the rage, we saw Hollywood beauties like Kim Basinger and Kelly LeBrock as the epitome of female beauty, and guess what, they both had those enviable "pillow lips" that women pay money to achieve in a doctor's office today.
  • But what if you were not born with pouty, full lips, and you feel like you were given the short end of the stick when it comes to this particular beauty asset? Sure, you could go to a plastic surgeon and have your lips injected with any number of available fillers like collagen, hyaluronic acid, restylene, and even a newer filler that is derived from cadaver tissue (ick).
  • There is also a newer option of permanent lip augmentation, where a small implant is put into the lips. This procedure is even further from being perfected than lip injectables, and often comes out looking very unnatural. Women complain the implants also do not feel "real", and there are also complaints that the implants feel "hard", by the patients, and by their partners.
  • However, these types of lip filling procedures really haven't been perfected yet, in my opinion, and many times what women come out with are what those in the beauty industry like to call "fish lips". Basically, too much collagen or too much of many other fillers on the market today will make the upper lip curve up, and look unnatural, created a look that's more like a clown, than feminine and delicate as is it's intended purpose.
  • We can all probably think of a few Hollywood women today who have had these lip augmentation procedures done and come out looking less than enviable. Not only that, it's usually obvious when a person has had lip injections or lip augmentation surgery, and it tends to take away from the natural symmetry and beauty of a woman's face, rather than add to it, which is the obvious goal.
  • So, what are your natural options to make your lips naturally fuller, without touching them with needles or scalpels? Well, thanks to modern day lip plumping technology, as well a few good old fashioned (and free) techniques, you can achieve fuller lips for little cost, and end up with something that looks natural, and fits your face much better. I've listed these techniques and tips below.

    1) First of all, a great lip plumper is a must. I would not recommend those lip plumpers which contain harsh, drying ingredients like cinnamon, as my experience with these has only been temporary fullness, with dryness that inevitably follows. Hydration is key to keeping plump lips, so drying them out only defeats the purpose.
    2) Drink lots of water to keep the skin and lips well hydrated. This keeps you internally hydrated. Ever notice how when you're dehydrated (thirsty), your lips tend to "shrivel"?
    3) When applying your lip plumper, open your mouth as wide as you possibly can. This allows the plumping agents to get deep in the crevices and cracks and helps to fill out the lip tissue even more.
    I especially like to use this technique at night when I apply a generous layers of lip plumping conditioner, so that I wake up with plumper lips. If you want, you can even use your hands to "stretch" your lips out wider, so you can get deeper penetration.
    4) Lip pumps are available, but these are kind of an awkward device, although they do produce dramatic lip plumping for up to a few hours after use. Word to the wise on lip pumps : Do not get overzealous with them, as you will most assuredly end up with bruised lips or blood blisters.
    5) Start out very slow with these if you choose to use one. The way they work is they draw fluid into the lips by actually forcing it into this localized area through a suction mechanism. Rumor has it, these nifty little devices are used on some photoshoots on models to create an instantly plumper pout.
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