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Makeup tips: applying pressed powder

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Makeup tips: applying pressed powder

It's important to apply make-up correctly in order to look your best. Follow these valuable instructions and learn how to properly apply pressed powder.
  • Pressed powder is a must for makeup wearers. It helps hide blemishes and control shine on extremely smooth areas of the face, such as the nose. It also helps keep oily skin in check. Pressed powder adds a finished appearance to the face, and it gives the skin a more even tone.
  • There are pressed powders available for oily skin as well as for sensitive skin. These products do a superb job of reducing shine caused by excessive oil, and they are gentle on the skin. Unscented pressed powder is available for those who are sensitive to fragrance. Pressed powder is available for every skin type and every skin tone.
  • Before applying pressed powder to the face, it's important to pick the proper shade for your individual skin tone. Translucent pressed powder is suitable for any skin tone since it is basically clear. If you don't want to add color to your face, and only want to control shine, this is the best option for you. Color names vary according to brand, but they range from extremely light shades to extremely dark shades. Try your best to match the color to your unique skin tone. Samples are often available to help you find the shade of pressed powder that's right for you.
  • Your skin tone may vary depending on the season. If you are tan during summer months, you will of course use a darker shade at that time. Keep a few different shades of pressed powder on hand so you can properly match your skin tone in summer, winter, spring, and fall. If you spend any time at all outdoors, your skin tone will certainly change with the seasons.
  • If you want to give your face a sculpted appearance, there are ways to apply pressed powder that will create various illusions. Minimize the appearance of a double chin by using a darker tone just under the jaw line. The artificial shadow created by the pressed powder will help to minimize the appearance of extra weight around the face.
  • You can make cheekbones appear more prominent without the aide of colored blush. Choose a shade of pressed powder that's one shade darker than your normal skin tone. Apply the pressed powder just below the cheekbones. Don't apply the powder past the pupil of each eye. Apply it just below the check bone under the center of each eye, and over to the hairline. Follow the contour of the cheekbones for proper placement. The use of pressed powder instead of blush gives the face a more natural appearance.
  • If your nose is wider than desired, try applying pressed powder that is one shade darker than your normal skin tone along the sides of the nose. Blend the edges well so the powder looks as natural as possible. Apply pressed powder that matches your skin tone to the rest of the nose. Don't over do it. You don't want to end up looking like a powdered donut!
  • It's a good idea to keep extra applicators on hand. After a while they will begin absorbing oils from the skin, and they will need to be replaced. If your applicator begins to look dirty or starts to tear, it's time for a new one. Pressed powder applicators are typically made of smooth terry cloth material, cotton, and polyester. Chances are you will go through at least two applicator pads before the pressed powder is used up.
  • Choosing the right pressed powder and applying it correctly will make the difference between looking naturally beautiful and looking unnaturally made-up. Practice makes perfect, and you may have to try a few different products before finding those that are just right for you.
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