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Your guide to cigar accessories

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Your guide to cigar accessories

For the cigar-lover in your life or for the beginning smoker, here is a list of all you need to enjoy a fine cigar.
Enjoying a fine cigar is a taste which must be cultivated. Like an aged whiskey or scotch, a cigar is a refined taste. But for people with a developed taste for cigars, or for those just learning to enjoy the feel of a well-aged cigar, here is a list of some necessary equipment and welcome additions to any cigar smoker's toolbox.

Humidor: A necessity for any cigar-lover, a humidor is designed to keep cigars at the right temperature and humidity, to prevent the tobacco leaves from drying out or becoming brittle. A good desktop humidor should be made out of hardwood and have a shade similar to that of aged oak or cherry wood. It should also come with a glass front to display the cigars inside. These may rest on a small rack or side-by-side in the box, with their labels facing front. The humidor must also come with a humidity gauge to adjust and keep track of the humidity, as well as a small pan of water which slowly releases moisture into the air. For the very high-class, walk-in humidors are available for purchase. Some people even build their own. These can be built into a den or garage, and they can hold thousands of varieties of cigars.
Cigar cutter: There are a variety of different styles of cigar cutters available for cutting the ends off the tubes before lighting up. Cigar cutters can be of two types, ones which cut the end off of the cigar and ones that pierce a hole in the end of the cigar. Among the cutters, there is the modified scissor variety which has a rounded end to hold and slice the cigar evenly, and the guillotine, which quickly chops off the end with a sharp stroke. Additionally, certain types of guillotine cutters feature a V-shaped blade which more easily slices through larger cigars. Piercing models are an alternative way to prepare a cigar, resulting in a hole in the end through which one can draw in the flavorful smoke of the tobacco.
Desktop lighters: For home or office, a large and decorative desktop lighter can be a perfect gift if chosen tastefully. There are many desk and tabletop lighters in a variety of models and styles, many of which may reflect other aspects of the smoker's life such as hobbies, sports, or business. Some desktop lighters also feature an ashtray and cutter built into the design.
Jet Lighters: These trendy and high-tech pocket lighters do not feature a flame, but a jet of super-hot flame to light a cigar at a higher temperature, allowing it to reach its burning temperature much faster and more cleanly. The lighters are a very cool way to start up a cigar and can be as much a conversation piece as a piece of cigar equipment.
Cigar transporters: In a variety of shapes and designs, cigar transporters allow the cigar-lover to take two or three of his favorite stogies on the road. In teakwood, leather, or metallic finish, the rounded cases have pockets for several cigars as well as a place for a lighter or cutter. They fit into a pocket or can be carried in hand luggage. They are prefect for weekend trips or long evenings at the office.
Ashtrays: A variety of ashtrays can complete the cigar-lover's set of smoking accessories, from personalized ashtrays to artistic creations by a variety of artists in a range of styles. Newer models of ashtrays feature small motors to suck in the excess cigar smoke so that the smoker can enjoy his cigar without spreading the second-hand smoke everywhere.

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