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How to start a used book exchange

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How to start a used book exchange

How to start a used book exchange. Save money on those expensive books and get more mileage out of the ones you do buy.
If you have been in a book store recently, you may have noticed the extremely high prices and turned right around to head to your local library. The price of books has skyrocketed in the past five years and it is becoming a luxury to purchase a book. If you like to read a lot, you probably only read a book one time and then never pick it up again. Fifteen dollars or more for a book is a lot more costly than going to the movies and reading takes up time we could be using to surf the Internet! Though the public library can be a godsend for those of us with limited funds, they often don't have the newest releases and if they do, they are almost always out. Some towns are lucky enough to have used book stores which offer discounts on books or offer credit on books you turn in to them, but if you don't have one of these nearby, why not start your own book exchange?

  • A book exchange is a kind of smaller version of your local library, comprised of a group of people you get together, and you can make the group as large or as small as you like. Even if you only have a group of five people in your book exchange, that's a savings of forty dollars for the group for one ten dollar paperback. It's most beneficial to gather a group who's reading interests match your own, for example, if you enjoy horror stories, you wouldn't want to invite a sci-fi buff into your book exchange unless you enjoy those types of books as well. Book exchanges can be put together with people you know, or you can invite anyone. If you are looking for horror stories, make a flyer that states your intention, something to the effect of, "Horror nut seeks members for a neighborhood book exchange," and post them in your local stores, libraries and telephone poles. You'll be surprised at the response you get. Everyone likes to save money on books.
  • Once you get a good number of members together, plan a gathering at your house or the library. Ask everyone to bring any books with them that they have finished reading and place them in boxes. You will need to be in charge of storing the books since it is your group. Keep a catalog of the books that you have in your collection and when someone borrows a book, write their name next to the name of the book to keep track of it and to let anyone else who wants it next know where it is.
  • Your book exchange can be less formal than the library in that you can let the members keep the book until they have finished reading it. You can decide whether you will meet once a week or just let anyone come over when they want another book. You will get more mileage out of your expensive books and have some free reading as well, not to mention all the trees you'll save in paper books and paper money not spent!
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