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Designing Kid Bedrooms

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Designing Kid Bedrooms

Designing Kid Bedrooms A child's bedroom can be lots of fun to design, but it can also be challenging because kids tend to accumulate a lot of things. When designing your child's room, consider the following:

Furniture Placement
  • Furniture Placement is the first thing to consider in a room. You need to know where everything will go. Sometimes the furniture you have doesn't work in the best place. In that case, you need to replace it with something that does work.
  • Since most children's rooms are not very big, where furniture is placed is of paramount importance. You want to be able to use the maximum amount of space without detracting from traffic patterns. Furniture placement takes on even greater importance when two or more children share a room.

    Furniture Style
  • Furniture style depends on a few things. If you don't mind replacing your child's furnishings every few years, then you can be free to pick whatever style you want.
  • However, if you want the furniture to grow with the child, then pick furniture that will last for years ? preferably into adulthood. Sturdy, solid wood pieces are best. Also think about choosing a full or queen size bed that will grow with the child.
  • If you have children sharing a room, then opt for twin beds. Bunk beds that can be broken into twins later are a great option, too.

  • Color should depend on the occupants of the room. It doesn't matter if the rest of your home is a particular style ? a child needs the freedom to voice decisions about his room. Allow him to choose the color for the room, and also a theme if need be. The goal is to make a space that is special and personable to your child.
  • When two or more children share a space, it's important that they each have a say in the color of the room. Even something as simple as giving them each a solid bedspread in their own favorite hue can meet these needs.

  • Children seem to accumulate things very fast. Therefore storage becomes an ultimate consideration in designing a child's room. Closet storage is an obvious start, but think about other options, too.
  • Bookshelves, cabinets and colorful containers are useful for storage. Also consider loft beds that hold a built-in dresser and desk below. This is a prime way to contain everything in one area of the room and leave the rest of the room open to other things. Captain-style beds with drawers underneath are also wonderful storage options.
  • Having well defined storage areas also helps kids learn how to pick up their thing easier. This will encourage good habits from the time they are very young.

    Task Zones
  • Bedrooms aren't just for sleeping anymore, and especially not children's rooms. Kids like to play, read, imagine and study in their rooms. Set up different zones for these tasks to make your child's room more functional.
  • A small table that can be used for studying and for drawing or playing a game is a good idea. Also having an open area on the floor to spread out and play with trains or dolls or an area to set up a play tent is something to consider.
  • When you design the rooms in your home always keep the kids rooms in mind, too. Make these spaces special for them. It will give them a sense of pride and joy to have an area they can call their own. Creating an area that works for them and reflects their personality is really not much different in how we create the rooms we love as adults.
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